Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lovely Ladies' High Tea Party Ideas

I love idea behind this lovely ladies' High Tea Party!  I was so thrilled to help two of the hostesses, Debbie and Lisha, and equally excited to see all of the pictures from the event.  Put on your party hat, and enjoy these wonderful inspiration photos!

Tea Party Theme and Tablescapes
Some of the ladies at Debbie and Lisha's church decided to host a tea party, and each hostess signed up to decorate her own table however she wanted.  This created an eclectic mix of themes, including hot pink Parisian, cool blue China, Easter pastel, and sweet Victorian to highlight a few. I can only image how fun it must have been to walk around and look at all the details on each tablescape.


Many of the ladies used tea sets that have been in their families for generations, which adds such a special touch. I know Debbie and Lisha had a great time shopping and collecting vintage pieces for the event at antique parlors, as well.

Having a rack of assorted gloves available for the ladies to wear if they choose is such a perfect detail.  So cute!

Tea Party Menu
I love the way the tea party food was handled for this event, too.  Each hostess brought one or two baked goods or tea party sandwiches to place in the church's kitchen before the event.  Then the hostesses brought their serving pieces into the kitchen to "shop" for any of the goodies they wanted to include on their table.  This is such a great way to have a variety of party food without having to prepare a million items yourself.  Each table had a slightly different assortment of goodies, too, so I'm sure that gave everyone extra incentive to mingle.

Tea Party Decorations
Many of the hostesses used serving pieces, tablecloths, and centerpieces that they already owned.  I think this could be such a great budget party theme for a bridal tea party or baby shower because the only splurges would be food and flowers.  Since each table has it's own theme, you don't have to worry about having the right pieces to coordinate a whole room, just enough for an individual table.

Belly Feathers designed tea party supplies especially for Debbie and Lisha's tables including flower place cards, a "Tea Time" party banner, and some really special tea party favors.

For the tea bag favors, I placed personalized tea bags with a heart tag into little envelopes that said "Until our next Tea Time".  I loved how they turned out!

Thank you so much for sharing, Debbie and Lisha!  I loved seeing all of the unique tea party tables and the fun idea for sharing refreshments.  This was truly an event with lots of attention to detail and has given me so many ideas and inspiration for future events.

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Tea Time Party Banner
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