Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mermaid Party: Can't Wait to Plan One!

UPDATE: I have a new line of Mermaid Printables, including invitations, party banners, favor tags, and more.

I've been thinking about Mermaid Party Ideas a lot lately.  They seem like so much fun, and I so wish I had an occasion to plan one.  I've had my baby mermaid party favors for awhile now (the thought of baby mermaids always makes me smile!), and just recently, had a customer request a blonde mermaid with a wavy hair to look like her daughter, Ella.  So fun!

Mermaid Party Favors

I designed these bubble bath party favor tags to fit the mermaid party's look with hot pink, pool blue, and green.  To me, the lightly glittered mermaid tail just sets it off!  Ella's mom, Kristin, was thrilled with the mermaid party favors and raved, "Total cuteness!"

Mermaid Party Supplies

Now, I have this whole family of lovely mermaids that I'm dying to transform into invitations, mermaid decorations, banners, and all sorts of party supplies.  Hopefully, an occasion for mermaid party ideas will pop up soon!


  1. so cute! The shape of the bottle is adorable too!
    I can only imagine how great a whole collection would look!

  2. Adorable Betsy! Grace just so happens to be going as a mermaid for Halloween! This would be right up her alley :)


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