Thursday, March 24, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Party Ideas

Like most girls, Alice in Wonderland has always been a story that captured my imagination. That's why I was so excited to design some Alice in Wonderland Party Favors for my customer, Traci.  They couldn't have turned out any sweeter!

Alice in Wonderland Party Ideas

I fell in love with these little heart tins because of their raised lace-like design and have been holding on to them for just the right occasion. And, they were so perfect for the Alice in Wonderland Baby Shower that Traci was planning.  Being the just the right size for little treats, they look absolutely precious with "Eat Me" embellishments.

Alice in Wonderland Party Favor

Alice in Wonderland Party Favors

Traci wanted one of the favors to be a keepsake for the soon-to-arrive baby, Teghan Olivia.  The baby's nursery is decorated in pink butterflies, so Traci wanted the baby's favor to be specially adorned with butterflies.  Such a fabulous idea!

Alice in Wonderland Baby Shower

On the same day I shipped these favors, one of my fans on Facebook, Anna of Evie George Cakes, asked if I could share any ideas for an Alice in Wonderland Party she's planning - how serendipitous!  It was my pleasure to share all of the Alice in Wonderland Party Ideas I've handpicked from around the web over the last few years, which you might enjoy seeing, as well.  (Hint: Become a fan on Facebook for exclusive ideas and party help!)

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Alice in Wonderland Tin Heart Party Favors

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