Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sesame Street Party Ideas

I recently asked my awesome Facebook fans if they needed help with party ideas, as a way to show of my creative party planning services. I'm so thrilled Staci jumped forward with a Sesame Street Birthday Party she's throwing for her son (turning 4) and daughter (turning 2), selfishly because she already has so many fabulous ideas planned of which I'd love to see the pictures!  (Update:  See the pictures from this Sesame Street Party!)

At the Sesame Street party, Staci is featuring the characters Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Ernie, and Oscar the Grouch.  She knows she wants to have some games and use a candy buffet as the party's Sesame Street favors, and it sounded like these were the two areas where she could use a little help.  I'm thrilled with the ideas below because they're fun for the toddler set and easy to put together for a busy mom like Staci.

Sesame Street Party Games
  • How to Get to Sesame Street
    This is my "spin" on Pin the Tail on the Donkey without the pin part.  Print out a large Sesame Street Sign and attach it to a wall or post in your yard.  Blindfold and spin your guests, and then ask them "How to Get to Sesame Street".  They just have to feel their way to the sign.  While you play, sing along to the Sesame Street theme song. Download a 10.5 x 4.75 inch Sesame Street Sign template here.

  • Oscar the Grouch's Trash Toss
    Here's a fun and easy game you can create out of objects around your house.  Crumple up a few sheets of newspaper together to create balls with a little weight to them.  Then ask the kids to toss them into a trash can from different distances depending on their ages.  If you want a more Oscar-ish trash can, try this medium-sized Oscar the Grouch can on Amazon.com.  For added detail, attach a stuffed Oscar toy to the inside back of the can, so he's sticking out of the top.  No trash talk allowed!

 Sesame Street Party Favors: Candy Buffet

I just love beautifully displayed candy buffets as a way to let guests pick their own party favors, and you can have a lot of fun with a Sesame Street themed one in bright colors with both sweet and salty treats.  I've come up with a few ideas to integrate the Sesame Street characters into the display with age-appropriate snacks for the two- to four-year-old crowd.
  • Cookie Monster's Cookie Crisps
    Cookie Crisp cereal would be adorable in an apothecary jar, since it looks just like tiny chocolate-chip cookies.  Cookie Monster would definitely approve!

  • Dorothy Crackers for Elmo
    Elmo's beloved pet goldfish Dorothy can make an appearance in the form of Goldfish crackers, a toddler favorite. Display these in a fish bowl for added charm.

  • Ernie's Rubber Duckies
    Tis the season for yellow chickie Peeps, so stock up now on these "rubber duckies" for your Sesame Street candy buffet.  Place them in rows on a tray for a professionally styled look.

  • Big Bird Seed
    Staci inspired the idea for this, and I love it.  Sunflower seeds are exactly what Big Bird would stuff into his treat bag.
Best of luck with your Sesame Street Party, Staci! I'd love to hear how the party goes in May. (Update:  See the pictures from this Sesame Street Party!)


  1. Hi! I love your sesame street party ideas. I want to get Oscar the grouch trash can for people to throw garbage, but Im having trouble finding a big trash can. Do you know of any website that may carry big steel trash can?

    please help!!
    thank you

  2. Thanks, Marjorie! I had luck searching for galvanized cans.

    I found a 20 gallon one and a 30 gallon one, which I think would work for you.

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