Thursday, June 17, 2010

Handmade Sesame Street Birthday Party
Uses Belly Feathers Idea

Parties full of handmade details are my favorites, and this Sesame Street Party by one of my Facebook fans and blog friends Staci of Lizard & Ladybug is so much fun!  She made almost everything for this colorful party for her son Jackson (age 4) and daughter Samantha's (age 2) birthday party, including these adorable centerpieces.

I love how the candy buffet was placed at kid-level for easy access by the guests. Staci said, "The bounce house was definitely the favorite with the kids...other than that - it had to be the candy buffet - they all seemed so excited that they could get 'whatever they wanted' and as much of it as they could get in their bags!"

I was flattered that Staci was able to use the "Oscar the Grouch's Trash Toss" party game idea from my Sesame Street Party Ideas post.

Be sure to visit Lizard & Ladybug to see all of the party photos and tons of other fun party ideas.  Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous photos and ideas, Staci!

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