Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Surprise 40th Birthday Party: Paul's 40 Favorites

This surprise 40th birthday party exudes relaxed Southern charm with all the elements that make for a fun afternoon: yummy bites, cool drinks, a little music, and, most importantly, good company and conversation.  All of the gorgeous party photos were shared by Mike of Houston Studios Photography in Dalton, GA.

40 Birthday Cake

When Jessica decided that she wanted to throw a surprise 40th birthday party for her husband Paul, the task of coming up with a ideas was a challenge.  Luckily, she found me in an internet search!  After learning a little more about Paul's personality and hobbies, I came up with the theme "Paul's 40 Favorites" and helped her plan the event's look and feel in a manly palette of brown, black, and gold.

Surprise 40th Invitations Wording

Paul isn't the type of person who likes to be the center of attention, and according to Jessica, "would NEVER throw himself a party."  Using photos of Paul's 40 favorite days, trips, people, books, movies, and sports teams throughout the event space, helped draw attention away from Paul, the person, while still keeping him front and center as the guest of honor.  The photos also helped the guests learn a little more about Paul and served as great conversation pieces.

40th Birthday Ideas Photos

Jessica had a fantastic idea to show Paul with some of his favorites as a child and now as an adult.  I love how the pictures below turned out taken from the same angle.  So cute!

40th Party Decorations

Jessica commented, "Everyone loved all of the pictures - they were certainly a hit."

40th Party Themes

"Paul was COMPLETELY surprised and touched," shared Jessica.  Turns out Paul's birthday isn't until September, so I'm sure having a party in July when all of his family could visit from out of town kept Paul from suspecting anything out of the ordinary. He spent the day hanging out in Chattanooga, TN, (about 45 minutes away) with his dad and brother-in-law, which gave Jessica and family plenty of time to get everything ready for the party.

Surprise 40th Birthday Party

40 Birthday Ideas

Party Ideas 40

Paul with his two favorite people, Jessica and daughter Evie

Ideas 40th Birthday Party

All of the mouth-watering food was catered by The Filling Station in Dalton, GA.  I absolutely love the display of this pineapple cheese spread!

Pineapple Cheese Spread

40 Birthday Party Food Menu

40th Birthday Themes

40th Party Food Refreshments

For the sweet table, I designed a DIY Chocolate Tower Party Centerpiece that Jessica created beautifully to serve as a focal point.  (See How To Instructions!)  The chocolate candy tower looks fabulous surrounded by decadent chocolate cupcakes and additional chocolates.

40th Party Ideas

40th Birthday Cake

Guests were invited to share their favorite memory or thing about Paul on little cards that perfectly coordinated with the party's look.  The cards made a great guest-book substitute and provided thoughtful "gifts" for Paul to enjoy long after the party. (I think a little someone must have drawn him a picture on the large yellow sheet...just guessing.)

40th Party Supplies

40th Birthday Supplies

One of Paul's favorites is playing guitar, so Jessica wisely hired a guitarist to entertain the guests.  This set the stage perfectly for Paul to join in on a few jams and let the guests experience more of his 40 favorites. 

40th Birthday Party Band

40th Birthday Party Guitar

Jessica, thank you so much for letting me share in the excitement of this special 40th birthday party for Paul and help you plan a theme that brilliantly came to life under your guidance.  It was so much fun, and I hope we can do it again soon!

40th Birthday Party Toast

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