Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Graceful Hostess Tip:
When Asked, Bring Your Signature Dish

Graceful Hostess Tips
Ideas for hosting with style and elegance

At pot-luck events, you have the opportunity to exhibit graceful hostess skills even if you're not the organizer. This is especially true when you're asked to bring one of your signature dishes.  If at all possible, say, "Yes!"

If someone makes a special request, it's because they love your dish, the way you present it, and possibly even how it livens the crowd.  So, be flattered, and try to oblige.

Yesterday was our Thanksgiving lunch at work, and I was asked to bring my famous Fruit Tea by the lunch's organizer, Linda.  Fruit Tea is not exactly a perfect fit for a fall gathering, but I was thrilled to receive the special request.  I found a way to make the tea fit in with the festivities by decorating my dispenser with a cute little fall label that I hand-stamped with a little acorn in fall colors.

Thanksgiving Punch Fruit Tea

Thanksgiving Menu Card Label

I wish you could see how excited my co-worker Linda is on days when I bring in Fruit Tea!  There's a lot of clapping. giggling with excitement, and a special Fruit Tea dance....that's right, a Fruit Tea DANCE!!!  This time I wanted to do something a special to make the Fruit Tea happiness last a few days longer.  I made a little gift pitcher for Linda, so she could take home all of the leftover Fruit Tea.

Pitcher with Hand-stamped Tag for Hostess Gift

My husband used a Dremel to drill a small hole in the pitcher's handle big enough for a binder clip.  I thought a binder clip would be a perfect way to attach the sparkly handmade "Property of" tag to the pitcher, so it could be easily removed when the pitcher needs to be washed.  Plus, the clip will let Linda attach the tag to whatever she needs (luggage, cake carrier, etc.).  I also had the tag laminated, so it won't get damaged by condensation or drips.

Property of Tag for Hostess Gift

So, what's your signature dish?


  1. What a great idea for a gift - looks so cute!

    I'm not sure it's a signature dish...but I'm asked to make spinach & artichoke dip. It's a hot dip, made in the crock pot. It's one of those recipes that I just eyeball - no need for the recipe anymore. I have a hard time telling people how to make it - I guess that makes it a 'family secret'. haha

  2. Thanks, Staci! Secret recipes like that are so much fun (whether intential or not)! Sounds yummy...I love spinich & artichoke dip.

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