Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mini Cake Bunting: Oh So Cute!

Yesterday was my sweet husband's birthday, and he wanted oatmeal cookies as his birthday treat instead of cake. It's a little hard to make cookies festive in the same way as birthday cake or cupcakes, but I think a found a fun way with this Birthday Mini Cake Bunting.

Cake Bunting for Cookies

I just don't think it gets any cuter!   It couldn't be simpler to create this mini cake bunting either.

How to Make Cake Bunting
I used two medium-sized bamboo skewers (available at Publix) for the posts.  I cut 2 x 0.75" strips of paper out of patterned paper and folded them in half.  Then I cut the edges of the folded paper at a diagonal on each side.  All of the triangles were slightly different and definitely not perfect, but I think that suits the homey style of the cake bunting just right.  Then I glued them to some baker's twine. Finally, I stuck the posts into the pile of cookies on my favorite cake pedestal and tied the cake bunting to the posts.

Cake Bunting Birthday

I wish I knew who started the trend of cake bunting.  I've been seeing it on all sorts of blogs for quite some time, and I'm so glad the opportunity presented itself for me to try it out.  It looked precious as the backdrop to three lit birthday candles, too!

Cookie Bunting for Birthday Parties

What do you think of cake bunting?  I'd love to see your photos if you try it out!

Here's another fun birthday cookie idea from my mother-in-law.

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