Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Cookie Baking at Last

On "New Year's Eve" eve, I finally got to do some Christmas cookie baking!  This year, we were out of town every weekend from Thanksgiving up until Christmas, so our busy holiday season kept me from my baking.  Boy, did I make up for lost time, too! 

Christmas Cookies Ideas

We celebrated a late Christmas with some out-of-town family on New Year's Eve, and I jumped at the opportunity to bring cookies.

Here's what I baked (clockwise from top):

I was super surprised at how good these Holiday Pretzel Kisses were!  I wanted to make them because they looked so cute, but I honestly expected them not be not so good.  They were very's a shame that they don't sell Candy Cane Kisses all year, so I could make them for different occasions throughout the year with different colored M&Ms on top.

Candy Cane Kisses Pretzels Cookies

I came up with a baking innovation this weekend, too!  I got this utility cart for Christmas from my husband, and it has been so handy to have over the last couple of weeks.  It made an awesome cooking rack for my millions of cookies.  I used up all of my cookie sheets in this baking session (and I have a lot), so I don't know where I could have put them all to cool without this rack.

Industrial Cooling Rack

Do you have any good cookie recipes I should put on my To-Bake List?

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