Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bridesmaid Invitation: Sweet and Sour Lemon

This is my absolute favorite custom design of the summer! These lemon yellow Bridesmaid Invitations are bright and cheerful. Not only do they bring special news but also a sweet treat of Lemonheads and a vibrant matching pencil wrapped in a cute box. 

Another detail is a check yes/no response card at the bottom of the invite personalized with the bridesmaid's name, which is why I included a pencil. Under "Yes," I added "So sweet of you!"  Under "My Regrets," it reads "No sour feelings." It's a fun way to tie in the lemon candy into the invitation text.

Inside the lid of the box is a matching return envelope for the response card. There's also a clear layer between the pencil and candy to hold everything in place during shipping and keep the pencil lead safely away from the Lemonheads.

Of course, the padded shipping envelope matches, as well.  This is the only lemon in the design that wasn't hand-stamped.

Here's a couple of detail shots.  I love how the embossed lemon on the invite has a real citrusy texture that couldn't be more perfect. Even the bakers' twine is lemon and white.

As with all of my custom designs, I'll be glad to tweak the look until we come up with something you absolutely love. The final version of the bridesmaid invite is sans the response card and pencil for a cleaner presentation.  I love them both ways!  We did special versions for the bride's Maid of Honor and two Junior Bridesmaids, too.

Thanks, Carla, for finding me on Facebook and inspiring such a wonderful project!  By the way, Carla is a wonderful portrait and wedding photographer in the Huntsville-Athens, AL area.

These Boxed Candy Invitations are also now available for sale on and can be personalized to match a variety of colors and party themes.


  1. I love these!!! My favorite is the bottom "No Sour Feelings"...that's awesome! :)

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