Monday, August 30, 2010

Neighborhood Party Ideas: Old Fashioned Fun Cookout

We had a great time at our Neighborhood Block Party this weekend. The weather couldn't have been better for meeting neighbors at this fun cookout and pot-luck dinner.

Neighborhood Cookout Ideas
Photo by Robin Conn, The Huntsville Times

My absolute favorite part was walking up to see the Colorful Balloon Bunting hung all around our community's greenway, where the party took place. So eye catching! It really established a festive atmosphere. Wouldn't these look great at a birthday party?! (No helium required!)

Balloon Bunting Party Decor

There were lots of old-fashioned party games like sack races, watermelon seed spitting, ring toss, and tug of war. Plus, there were more modern classics like a hula hoop competition enjoyed by young and old.

Neighborhood Games Sack Race

Neighborhood Games Tug of War
Photo by Robin Conn, The Huntsville Times

Neighborhood Games Hula Hoop
Photo by Robin Conn, The Huntsville Times

I love sidewalk chalk!  I was dying to join these little girls, but I pretended to be an adult and just watched.  Okay, I admit it...I drew a tiny star while no one was looking.  Couldn't resist!

Block Party Ideas Sidewalk Chalk
I brought my Bubble Wand Party favors in our time-worn wagon covered in a bright green sheet, which made for a great mobile bubble station at the neighborhood party.

Mobile Party Favor Station
The bubble wands went super fast! Completely-gone-in-15-minutes fast!  The kids really seemed to have a good time with them. The wands made nice big bubbles, which made a beautiful backdrop for the festivities.  I can't believe I didn't get any photos of the kids playing with them!

Bubble Wand Party Favors

I was really impressed that someone thought to bring this step ladder for the speakers before the event.  I love pre-planning and thinking about all of the details an event will need, and this ladder gave just enough height to get everyone's attention and help the speakers voices carry a little further through the crowd.  Kudos to whomever thought of this!

Neighborhood Parties Speech
Photo by Robin Conn, The Huntsville Times

I just had to share this one final photo of my little friend Clara enjoying her first ice cream cone ever.  How sweet is that!

Neighborhood Party Food


  1. So fun Betsy! We had our block party (on a much smaller scale) last weekend. It was a great summer event :) Love the bubble wands. If I wasn't anti-WalMart, I'd head over there to pick some up myself :)

  2. We normally avoid Walmart like the plague, so I know exactly what you mean. If it wasn't our only 24 hour store, I would probably never go.

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