Thursday, August 5, 2010

Paperless Post: The Best Party Invitations Online

For the very first time, Paperless Post made me a fan of party email invitations. Their online invitations have the charm and elegance of some of the nicest printed invites and still let you experience the delight of opening an envelope to see what's inside.  Click this sample email invite to see exactly what I mean.

Honestly, I've always thought invitations online were tacky and impersonal. Services like Evite give you limited options to personalize the look of the invitations, and what options they do provide are clunky and hard to operate.

Paperless Post fixes these issues by delivering a virtual envelope to your guests' inboxes with their names displayed right on the envelope.  Upon clicking, the envelope opens to reveal a beautiful invitation online.  Paperless Post provides tons of email invitation templates and samples to choose from, which you can further personalize with your choice of fonts and text layouts.  The invitation design interface is very easy use, and you get the added convenience of online RSVP for your guests, which is great for guests and hostesses alike.
The cost of sending a single basic email invite is $0.20. Adding a photo or envelope liner, adds an extra $0.20 per online invitation. Therefore, you can send a beautiful invite by email for less that the cost of a US postal stamp.  It's like you purchased the stamp but got the invite free.  I'm all for that!

I'm a little too old fashioned to suggest email wedding invitations because I still think print is the way to go for a milestone occasion like this.  However, I think Paperless Post would be perfect for stylish "Save the Date" cards, especially for weddings on a tight budget. Paperless Post also has personalized stationery for thank you notes, as well as greeting cards for all occasions.

One thing I recommend is taking a screenshot of your invitation, so you can print it out for inclusion in scrapbooks or keepsake boxes.  It's nice to have a more permanent copy.  Here's a video I made that explains taking a screen shot of your Paperless Post Invitations. (This is my first video ever, and for some reason, it sounds like I have a lisp!)

Paperless Post has not contacted or sponsored me in any way.  I simply love the service and am thrilled to recommend it.  My last three party planning guide customers have all used Paperless Post and have loved everything about it.  With the purchase of their custom party planning guides, I was pleased to recommend a sample email invite and typeset all of their information. 

When you sign up for a new Paperless Post account, you'll receive 25 free stamps to send invitations and 10 free coins, which allow you to add photos on envelope liners.  Here's your invitation to join!


  1. Betsy, these are great! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Cute video, and you do not sound like you have a lisp!

  3. Thanks, Staci!

    Valerie, I'm so glad I don't sound bad on your computer...wish you could hear it on mine.


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