Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rock Star 6th Birthday Party for Grace

Check out this awesome Hannah Montana/High School Musical/Rock Star birthday party that was shared by one of Belly Feathers' Facebook fans Melissa of Buckets of Grace. She definitely has a flair for details, and I love all of her DIY ingenuity! Melissa's daughter Grace definitely celebrated her 6th birthday in rock-star style.

Rock Star Party Decorations

When I saw photos from the party, I was immediately transported back to playing with my Jem and the Holograms dolls. This party would have been perfect for me at Grace's age. I even had a rock star stage with instruments for my Barbies, and yes, one of them was a keytar! Can you tell I grew up in the 80's?!

Hannah Montana Party Decorations

So, when I saw this awesome karaoke stage that Melissa created for the party out of black table coverings and cardboard boxes, I let out a crazed fan scream!!! (Okay, not out loud but definitely in my head.)

Party Karaoke Stage

Party Karaoke Stage

Melissa found this cute guitar invitation from Paper Style. In the text, she asked the guests to come dressed like rock stars.

Rock Star Party Invitation

When the guests arrived, they were given treat bags full of dress-up gear like pretend headset microphones, sunglasses, pink feather boas, Hannah Montana lip glosses, and back stage passes (SCREAMS!) to further "glamorize" as Melissa put it.  I love that word!

Hannah Montana Favor Bags

Rock Star Favor Bags

Melissa designed these super cute personalized back stage passes with her Creative Memories online scrapbooking software using a Hannah Montana package download for only $4.95!  She made larger versions of the passes to hang as posters around the party space.

Hannah Montana Backstage Passes

There was also a Rock Star Salon set up for the girls with washable color hair spray in pink, blue, and purple; nail polish; make-up; colored hair extensions; and bling rock-star tattoos from Oriental Trading Company.

Rock Star Party Salon

As you can tell, it looks like the girls had a great time dressing the part.

Rock Star Party Guests

Melissa's creativity wowed me again with these awesome cakes!  Grace had her own gluten-free Hannah Montana cake, while the other guests enjoyed a High School Musical cake featuring Gabriella and Troy.

Hannah Montana Cake

Hannah Montana Cake Ideas

High School Musical (HSM) Cake Ideas

Melissa also served cupcakes with adorable toppers designed by Ciao Bambino on Etsy.  This store also created the the favor tags for Grace's party.

High School Musical Cupcakes

Rock Star Cupcakes

The main activity was karaoke on the party stage.  In addition to singing, there were inflatable guitars on hand for those that wanted to play along, too.

Hannah Montana Karaoke Game

"We heard 'Best of Both Worlds' at least 200 times," shared Melissa.

Other activities included "Pass the Microphone" (a variation of hot potato) and a guitar pinata.  You can really see Grace's rock-star makeover in this photo!

Guitar Pinata

Melissa found some cardboard guitars on Oriental Trading Company that the girls could decorate with stickers and stick-on jewels, too. "They LOVED those - especially the ones too shy to sing."

Here's a photo of the birthday girl's whole family.  Melissa and her husband wore security shirts.  Another awesome idea, proving no detail was overlooked at this party!

Rock Star Party Security Parents

Thank you so much, Melissa, for sharing your incredibly creative ideas!  You can see more of Melissa's fabulously detailed homemade parties on her blog Buckets of Grace and two more at the Maddycakes Muse blog: a cowboy party for son Ethan and Grace's 5th Ballerina party.


  1. Thank you Betsy for posting this. This was such a fun party to plan. I'm very honored that you posted this given your talents!

  2. Thanks for letting me share your talents, Melissa! I know these photos will give others so much great inspiration for their own parties!

  3. super cute! I love the little salon and access passes! Thanks for the link!

    hugs! Kim @ http://frostmeblog.blogspot.com
    party inspiration

  4. Those guitars treat boxes are amazing where can i get them??

  5. I'm not sure where the guitar treat boxes came from, but you can contact Melissa (the party's host mommy) directly through her blog at http://buckets-of-grace.blogspot.com/.


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