Monday, October 18, 2010

Show and Tell Week: Homemade Hurricanes

My Homemade Hurricanes are the second items I'm featuring in my Show and Tell Week for entertaining and serving pieces.  (Be sure to join in by sharing a photo of your favorite entertaining piece on Facebook! See bottom of post for details.)

Dollar Store Hurricanes

I saw a great tutorial on how to make these hurricanes on Decor Chick using glass vases and candlestick holders from Dollar Tree, and I'm so happy I tried making two for myself a few weeks ago.  At around $2 each, you can't beat how good they look!  I filled this one with dried pinto beans ($1 per bag) and a candle, and I think it looks great in my entryway.  These would make great party centerpieces, and you can switch out the type of dried beans for a different color and look.

Dollar Tree Hurricane Homemade

I did something similar for my mantle by adding candy corn and a little pumpkin in the other hurricane for Halloween.

Halloween Decorations Hurricane
TIP:  To save on candy when filling large jars for parties, add some clear plastic cups upside down in your container to create a hollow area. It's a little hard to see the cup in the picture below, but that's what my hurricane looked like before I poured the candy corn in it.

Save on Candy in Large Jars
If you were doing a candy buffet at a party, these hurricanes would be great.  For variety you could shop around for different sized containers to glue on top of the candlesticks.  My blog friend Staci at Lizard & Ladybug came up with some cute variations below.  I love how she tied ribbon around the base for added detail!

This project was the first time I'd used glass glue before, so one of my hurricanes looks a little messy on the bottom.  The glue was in the same kind of bottle as super glue, so I thought it would be a gel like that. Nope! It's a runny liquid, so I squirted out way too much on my first try. I knew what to expect on the second hurricane, and it turned out perfectly.

Stay tuned for more of my favorite entertaining and serving pieces all week!

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  1. Hey Betsy those look fantastic! What a great idea to use a cup inside when you use candy! Thank you so much for sharing! xoxo


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