Saturday, October 16, 2010

Show and Tell Week: Entertaining and Serving Pieces

Starting tomorrow (Sunday) through Friday, I'm hosting a Show and Tell Week on my Facebook page.

Please join in the fun by taking a photo of your favorite entertaining or serving piece and uploading it onto the Belly Feathers' Facebook Wall with a few lines about why you love the piece, any special memories you have of it, where you got it, or why it's super useful. (You can upload a photo or share a link to your blog/website that talks about your favorite piece.)

I find I don't have enough occasions to use all of my favorite pieces, but that doesn't mean I enjoy them any less.  So, I'm using this Show and Tell Week as an opportunity to pull them out of my cabinets and storage to enjoy and admire them. Throughout the week, I'll be sharing photos of my favorite pieces here on my blog, whether I've ever used them or not.

I'd love for you to pull out your favorite pieces, too!  To thank you for participating, I'll draw a name of someone who shared a pic next Saturday for a special surprise. Share as many pictures and stories as you like for extra chances to win!  If you don't use Facebook, email me your photo and story at, and I'll share it on Facebook to give you a chance to win.

Show and Tell Week Details:
Sunday (10/17/2010) - Friday (10 /22/2010 midnight Central Time)
Share a picture and a few lines about it at
If you don't use Facebook, email your photo and lines to

I can't wait to see all of your pictures!


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