Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Show and Tell Week: Ruffled Casserole Dishes

Everyday is worth celebrating! That's why today I'm featuring my Ruffled Casserole Baking Dishes for Show and Tell Week, which are perfect for everyday meals.    

Ruffled Blue Casserole Dishes

Be sure to join in Show and Tell Week by sharing a photo of your favorite entertaining piece on Facebook by Friday for a chance to win a surprise! See bottom of post for details.

I initially purchased the large blue casserole dish at Tuesday Morning.  I thought it looked so pretty coming out of the oven with its ruffled edges, that I knew I had to go back and get the two smaller versions.  This picture shows one of our favorite dishes, a Denver omelet bake.

Easy Oven-baked Denver Omelet

To be honest, I've never actually used the two smaller ones, but I love them just the same.  I think they'd be great for serving side dishes. Maybe the tiny one would be good for serving olives, nuts, or other appetizer-type foods. 

I think everyday meals and the hard work of cooking can be made a little more fun by having some prettty oven-to-table cookware like these casserole dishes. What do you think?

Stay tuned for more of my favorite entertaining and serving pieces everyday this week!

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Show and Tell Week Details:
Sunday (10/17/2010) - Friday (10 /22/2010 midnight Central Time)
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  1. Oh I love those! Now I'm coveting your dishes. If you were closer, we could swap for parties :)

  2. That would be fun, Melissa! I do think we have the same style!!!

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