Thursday, September 23, 2010

Child and Baby Photo Ideas: Reuse Party Banners

These photos by Carla McLemore Photography are so beautiful!  When I saw the newborn photos she took of my baby cousin Eleanor, I was so honored to see the Party Banner I designed for her mommy's pink and green baby shower in the pictures!

Baby Photo Props Party Banner

It shows how versatile Party Banners for babies and children can be.  I know clients order these to have at baby showers and hang in the baby's nursery afterwards, but this is the first time I've seen one used as baby photography propsWhat a fantastic idea! You could also have a Party Banner that spells your child's age to use in their annual portraits and reuse at their birthday party that year. 

Baby Picture Ideas Party Banner

Ideas for using and reusing Party Banners:
  • Baby Showers
  • Nursery Decor
  • Newborn Photos
  • Annual Kids' Portraits
  • Birthday Parties
  • Gifts for Friends 
I'm all about getting the most bang for your buck!  Have you reused your Party Banners in any creative ways?

Featured Handmade Items by Belly Feathers
Scalloped Circle Party Banner

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mermaid Party: Can't Wait to Plan One!

UPDATE: I have a new line of Mermaid Printables, including invitations, party banners, favor tags, and more.

I've been thinking about Mermaid Party Ideas a lot lately.  They seem like so much fun, and I so wish I had an occasion to plan one.  I've had my baby mermaid party favors for awhile now (the thought of baby mermaids always makes me smile!), and just recently, had a customer request a blonde mermaid with a wavy hair to look like her daughter, Ella.  So fun!

Mermaid Party Favors

I designed these bubble bath party favor tags to fit the mermaid party's look with hot pink, pool blue, and green.  To me, the lightly glittered mermaid tail just sets it off!  Ella's mom, Kristin, was thrilled with the mermaid party favors and raved, "Total cuteness!"

Mermaid Party Supplies

Now, I have this whole family of lovely mermaids that I'm dying to transform into invitations, mermaid decorations, banners, and all sorts of party supplies.  Hopefully, an occasion for mermaid party ideas will pop up soon!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pink and Green Baby Shower for Lauren

I attended a beautiful Pink and Green Baby Shower for my sweet cousin Lauren on Sunday.  The hostesses below did such a fabulous job planning the event with just the right amount of detail to create a very special personalized baby shower.  I was so thrilled when they asked Belly Feathers to design a party banner and sign for the baby shower decorations.

Pink and Green Baby Shower Decorations

This Diaper Wreath couldn't have been cuter!  I'm a big fan of establishing the party theme and colors as soon as guests arrive, and this did exactly that.  This baby shower wreath is such a fresh alternative to diaper shower cakes, too.

Diaper Baby Wreath Ideas

The refreshment table at the baby shower was so pretty!  I love the satin topper with the risers for height. 

Pink and Green Baby Shower Dessert Table

Aren't these pink and green Cake Pops are adorable?!  Inspired by Bakerella, they spell out the baby's name, Eleanor, and are simply too cute for words.

Pink and Green Baby Shower Cake Pops

The Baby Shower Centerpiece with Eleanor's initial was gorgeous, as well.  The little butterfly mixed in flowers ties in the design of Eleanor's pink and green baby bedding, which inspired the baby shower theme.  Details! Details!

Pink and Green Baby Shower Centerpieces

Pink and Green Baby Shower

Pink Baby Shower Cakes

Here's a close-up of the Baby Shower Sign created by Belly Feathers.  I added a little dragonfly above the pram to coordinate with Eleanor's bedding, too.

Pink and Green Baby Shower Decoration

The Baby Shower Banner spelling "Eleanor" turned out so cute with the little scalopped circles to mimic flowers on the baby bedding. Of course, I'm a little biased, since it's a Belly Feathers custom creation.  Banners spelling out the baby's name are a great decoration that mommy can reuse in the baby's nursery or at future birthday parties.

Pink and Green Baby Shower Banner

I couldn't resist showing you photos of Lauren openning her baby shower gifts from me.  These matching pink and green monogramed bloomers and burp cloth are absolutely precious!  They were created by Izzy B Designs, who I love recommending to my clients for party outfits.

Pink and Green Baby Shower Gifts

Pink and Green Baby Shower Gifts

This Eleanor picture was a super creative gift painted by one of the guests, which featured all sorts of items that start with the letter "E".

Pink and Green Baby Shower Gift Painting

The baby shower gift that stole everyone's heart were these beautiful smocked dresses created by Lauren's grandmother for her and her older sister, Lacy, when they were itty bitty.  It was such a special way for my Aunt Trica to include her mom, who passed away when Lauren was little girl, in this special occasion.

Smocked Baby Dresses

Great idea alert! While Lauren opened her gifts, a few of the hostesses displayed the openned gifts in a bedroom for everyone to view after the baby shower.  I loved being able to get a close-up look at all of the adorable outfits for baby Eleanor.  This was definitely a great way to take advantage of having so many hostesses because there were still plenty hostess available to make a gift list for thank you notes, take care of trash, and snap photos, like this one of Lauren receiving custom stationery designed by Belly Feathers from big sister Lacy.

Custom Personalized Stationery by Belly Feathers

Many thanks to hostess and cousin extrodinare, Lacy, for letting me share the photos from this gorgeous baby shower and also for your sweet and generous encouragment of Belly Feathers!  Also, thank you to hostess, Sara, for letting me design custom baby shower decorations for Lauren's special party!

Featured Handmade Items by Belly Feathers
Scalloped Circle Party Banner
Baby Shower Party Sign
Personalized Stationery Set and Gift Enclosure Cards

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