Monday, March 26, 2012

Easy Kite Brownies on a Stick

It doesn't get any easier than these super cute Kite Brownies on a Stick for spring...especially since Little Debbie does most the work! These would be absolutely perfect for a school kite day!

Kite Brownies on a Stick

Taking a cue from my friend Melissa at Buckets of Grace, who made some adorable skewered Little Debbie hearts for Valentine's Day, I was instantly inspired when I saw these Little Debbie Kite Brownies at my grocery store.

Kite Brownies for School Kite Day

To make this display, I used:
  • Little Debbie Kite Brownies
  • A jar filled with glass beads
  • Bamboo skewers (long and medium lengths)
  • Long lengths of organza ribbon
  • Short strips of a accent ribbon (mine were satin and grosgrain)
I recommend storing the skewers horizontally on a tray and waiting to assemble vertically right before your event. The brownies are soft, and I did have one of the brownies fall off its stick.  However, it held tight for about a hour before that happened. I'm sure your brownies will be snatched up before that happens.

Little Debbie Kite Brownies on a Stick

If you make some Kite Brownies on a Stick, I'd love to see a photo!  Leave a comment on post on my Facebook wall.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Wish Your Friends Happy Birthday on Facebook with Shareable Greetings

I've got a fun new way to wish your friends Happy Birthday on Facebook - Shareable Greetings by Belly Feathers.  You can now share a handmade greeting created by yours truly on your friends' timeline.  Check out this video to see how fun and easy it is. 

Now that you've seen how fun Shareable Greetings are, head over to to get started and enjoy!

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