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Cinco de Mayo Recipe: Easy Chicken Verde

I can't believe it's almost Cinco de Mayo again!  One of the biggest hits at our Cinco de Mayo Margarita Party last year was my husband Roger's Easy Chicken Verde. In fact, almost everyone at the party requested the recipe. It's so good that I keep trying to convince Roger to cook it at least once a week. Instead, he decided to teach me how to make it this week, so I could share it with you.

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This recipe is so perfect for a fiesta or a week night meal. To be honest, I really don't enjoy cooking meals or anything with meat in particular, but this really was pretty easy and fast. I could definitely make this for company.

Easy Chicken Verde Recipe

2    tablespoons olive oil
4    chicken breasts or thighs, boneless (1-1.5 lbs)
1    cup onion, diced
1    16 oz jar Frontera Tomatillo Salsa (available at Target)
¼    cup cilantro, chopped

Easy Chicken Verde Recipe

Heat oil in a large skillet on medium-high heat.  Salt both sides of chicken breasts and place in pan. Brown on both sides for about two minutes. Remove chicken from skillet.

Chicken Verde Brown Chicken Breasts

Brown onion in the skillet.  Pour tomatillo salsa on top and stir until the sauce thickens a little.  Place chicken back in the skillet, cover, and simmer on medium heat until chicken is cooked thoroughly, approximately 8 minutes. By the way, if  you want to take pity on my old coil stove, please visit my online store and make a purchase to support the "Betsy Needs a New Stove" Fund.

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Shred chicken. Garnish with cilantro before serving. Serve with tortillas and sour cream, if desired.

Easy Cinco de Mayo Recipes

When we made this Chicken Verde hours ahead for our party, we placed everything in a casserole dish covered with foil, so we could keep it warm in the oven until it was time to serve.  According to my husband's Mexican Cooking Bible, Rick Bayless's Mexican Everyday, thighs will stay juicer in the oven like this, but we always use chicken breasts. I think the sauce keeps them moist enough.

Recipe Card Easy Chicken Verde

Here are a few shots of the Chicken Verde at our Cinco de Mayo Margarita Party.  All of the lovely photos below are by Click Photo Designs by Sarah Brewer, who I absolutely love working with on special events.

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