Monday, December 3, 2012

Gift Wrapping Ideas Just in Time for Christmas

This weekend, I was asked if I had a video showing how to wrap a present in a gift bag without wrinkling the tissue paper. I didn't, so my husband helped me whip one up pretty fast.  I absolutely love gift wrapping, so I'm happy to share this quick tutorial.

This fall, I also had the opportunity to record a few professional videos for on how to tie bows on presents.  My favorite bow to tie is a Puff Bow.  These bows make such a great impression, and the technique I use makes them much easier to tie than they may look.  The key is really to use wired-edge ribbon because you can bend it into shape.  This time of year you can get huge rolls of this in fun Christmas designs at craft stores.  I usually stock up after the holidays when they're on clearance.

How to Make a Puff Bow -- powered by ehow

Tulle Puff Bows are another favorite of mine.  At Christmas, I think a white tulle puff bow looks so pretty on snowflake wrapping paper in particular because these bows look like fluffy snowballs or snowflakes.

Tutorial for a Tulle Puff Bow -- powered by ehow

If you want to take your Tulle Puff Bow to the next level, here's an easy idea for adding a little raffia for texture.

Let me know if you have any gift wrapping questions this holiday season.  Maybe I can whip up a video just for you. Happy wrapping!

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