Friday, April 2, 2010

Homemade Easter Table Ideas: "Hippity Hop" Chocolate Bunny Tablescape

I love how my "Hippity Hop" Chocolate Bunny Easter tablescape turned out.  It's simple and festive, and I hope it gives you some last minute inspiration for your own Easter table decorations.

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My rule of thumb is to have three elements at your party that tie in with the theme, in this case chocolate bunnies.  My personalized party banner has a chocolate bunny in between the words, and the handmade Easter place cards have the exact same bunny with a little embellishment.

Easter Table Place Setting

Easter Place Card Homemade

Finally, I made super simple a chocolate bunny Easter centerpiece.  Using a knife, I trimmed off the bottom of my bunny a little, so he would fit inside my decorative bowl.  Then I filled the bowl with Reese's Pieces Easter Eggs, which hid the trimmed areas of the bunny.  (I like Reese's Pieces because they don't have logos on them like a lot of candies.) To finish him off, I tied a ribbon around his neck to match the place cards. So cute!

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  1. Betsy,
    This is adorable. You did such a great job. I am sorry I am just now getting to see this. The place cards are wonderful. How did you get them to stand up?

  2. Thanks, Brandi! I love how it all turned out.

    The base of the place cards is a scalloped circle folded in half. I made an slit in the center of the circle across the fold, and the bunny place card slid into the slit.


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