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Circus Party Theme: Joshua's Two Ring Circus Birthday Party

I love circus themed parties!  So, I was thrilled to help with Joshua's Circus Birthday Party, especially after designing party supplies for his Sailboat 1st Birthday Party.  This year, his mommy Katie wanted me to create some custom circus birthday invitations and party supplies just for him.

Circus Themed Invitations

Since Joshua was turning two, I used "Two Ring Circus" as the inspiration for his Circus Invitations.  I love how they turned out with the big-top tent in the center.  Of course, I had to put a big number 2 above the door.

The bottom of the invitation is anchored by train cars full of circus animals including a lion, giraffe, elephant, and a juggling monkey.  I put a number 2 on the second train car, too.

Circus Party Games and Location

Katie was looking to do something a little simpler for Joshua's 2nd birthday party, so she decided to host the party at Cats Gymnastics in Boca Raton, FL.  The facility rental included activities, party plates/cups/napkins, and clean-up, which makes for a happy mommy!

Upon request, Cats Gymnastics transformed some of their normal birthday routines into circus themed activities by giving them new names:
  • Tight Rope Walking (Balance Beam)
  • Trapeze (Rings)
  • Lion Taming (Somersaults)
  • Clowning Around (Slide)

Birthday ringmaster Joshua even made a special flying entrance to the party (see below).  Cats Gymnastics reserves that for guests of honor only, which I think it is a special touch (and great way to book more parties).

Circus Birthday Cake

Joshua's birthday cake (pictured above) came from Publix and featured the little circus train topper below, which tied in perfectly with his invitations. The cars even have animals inside! The train candle holder was included with the price of the cake, but you can also order the same topper separately from Sweet Estelle's Baking Supply on Etsy.

Photo by Sweet Estelle's Baking Supply on Etsy

Circus Party Supplies and Decorations

My favorite circus decorations at the party were these Circus Photo Posters.  They were inspired by old circus posters that would be placed around cities get everyone excited about the circus coming to town. I love how the design turned out, and the two photos of Joshua were so much fun to work with!    These could easily be turned into photo thank you cards after the party or even party invitations.

Here are close-ups of both circus poster designs.

Don't these just look festive?!

Katie also ordered Mylar balloons shaped like a big-top circus tent and lion to decorated the party room.  I created the Pennant Party Banner to hang over the refreshments.

The one downside of having Cats Gymnastics provide the party plates and other supplies was that they were generic and didn't tie in with the theme.  I helped Katie solve this problem by designing 2.5" Circus Party Stickers in a few different styles.  She stuck them on everything from party hats to serving bowls to personalize Joshua's circus birthday party.

I think using the plastic buckets for serving dishes is such a cute idea!

Circus Party Favors

Katie used these popcorn bags from Dollar Tree for the Circus Favors at Joshua's party. So fun!

They were filled with a variety of circus goodies, most of which were also found at Dollar Tree.

My favorite items in the treat bags were these pieces of polka-dot sidewalk chalk, which Katie wrapped in cellophane and tied with ribbon. I think these would make wonderful party favors all by themselves, especially for summer parties.  Of course, Katie lives in sunny south Florida, so these are perfect year round!

Katie, thank you so much for letting me share these photos from Joshua's 2nd birthday party!  It was such a treat to work with you again!

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